Three unconventional books to inspire your wanderlust

These three books take you off the beaten track in London, UK, Mumbai, India, and Garissa County, Kenya. If you want to understand the unconventional side of these three areas of the world, these three books can offer you this insight.

Three non-fiction books by doctors

These are my top three non-fiction books by doctors. Interestingly, all three of these authors changed their paths from one area to medicine, offering them a different perspective to the field. They all confront questions about human mortality and what matters at the end of life, as well as offering an appreciation of the field of medicine at a time when humanity has depended so much on it.

My Summer TBR: Non-Fiction books reading list

Here are ten books on my summer TBR list, non-fiction edition! 📚 What do you want to read this summer? Have you read any of the below, and if so, what did you think of the books? Share your thoughts and reading lists with me!

Three non-fiction feminist books to empower you this summer

These are my top three non-fiction feminist books to empower you. From exposing how the world is designed around me, to an inspiring story about a woman who fought against a system designed against women, to protecting female human rights, these books will offer three different contexts for feminism.

Three empowering non-fiction books

These are my top three non-fiction books which I found to be empowering. One helps you to be a more inclusive leader, another changes your perspective on what is important in life, and another empowers you to protect your sleep.

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