Guest Book Review: Linda Colley, The Gun, the Ship and the Pen (2021) @BuckysReviews

The Gun, the Ship and the Pen is an ambitious and far-reaching work of global history that places these foundational documents at the centre of its analysis.

Colley writes in an easy style that has the seasoned, lyrical quality of an experienced writer. Indeed, it is a surprisingly smooth read for what might otherwise be a very dense subject.

Three non-fiction history books on world history

These three books take you across the history of the world. If you are curious why society is the way it is today, these books are a great place to explore your questions.

Book Review: Political Order and Political Decay by Francis Fukuyama

This book explores how the state, its law, and its democracy, have developed over a series of historical events, and how in current times, the state of democracy has started to decay in today’s most developed democracies. This book is very much a classic in political theory and science and, especially with its focus on history, it is likely to be timeless. I would recommend this book to anyone studying or interested in political science, political theory, economics, and world history.